Amazon fire stick no signal

How To Fix Fire Stick No Signal Issue?

What happens when you face the problem of  Fire Stick no signal and you also don’t know how to get rid of it.

There can be numerous reasons behind the Fire Stick No signal issue, but you should not panic as you are not alone who is facing this same issue.

First we need to know why this issue occurred to you, then try to fix this issue with doing some easy steps.

Why Fire Stick No Signal Occurred?

Does this question stick into your mind, Why Fire Stick No signal occurred to you?

If you don’t know then here is the list of reasons that cause this issue to you.

  • Problem with HDCP
  • Not using genuine brick
  • Error due to previous designed settings
  • Issue with hardware due to HDMI ports
  • Broken Fire stick
  • Cable not connected properly
  • Unresponsive Fire stick
  • Poor network connection

    Now try to do some steps to get rid of this issue.

    Steps To Fix Fire Stick No Signal

    • Check Wi-fi Connection
    • Un-plug the HDMI cable
    • Plug back HDMI cables
    • Check power light blinking or not
    • Select right resolution

      If still facing Fire Stick no signal issue. Then try to do some advance steps to fix this issue.

    Advance Steps To Fix Fire Stick No Signal

    Sometimes the starting steps not fix your issue. Check out some technical steps to fix the issue. 

    • Fix HDMI of Fire Stick
    • Fix Internet connection
    • Correct network settings
    • Check indicator of power light
    • Select right resolution

    Let us go in detail to fix Fire stick no signal issue with some technical steps. 

    Step1: Fix HDMI of Fire Stick

    You must be aware that both the HDMI ports and Cables are important for the proper functioning of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    If your Amazon Fire Stick is also encountering the same issue then you must follow the below steps to get signals on the Fire TV:

    • The very step to assure is that your HDMI cable should be finger-tight with the HDMI port.
    • Also, make sure there are no scraps or cuts on the cable.
    • Try to connect it with another port
    • Make use of the validate HDMI cable.
    • You can also check the port is it functioning or not when connecting the other device to the HDMI port.
    • Sometimes physical defect in the HDMI port.
    • Moreover, you can use the random HDMI cables, if the ports are functional.

    On the whole, if this issue still exists, then you can execute the other method to fix the Fire Stick No Signal.

    • Firstly, turn off the TV set and then remove the Fire TV Stick from the HDMI port of the TV. Switch of the Fire TV Stick from the power
    • Then wait for a few seconds and then attach the Fire TV Stick back to the power and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
    • After it, turn your TV on.
    • And connect the Fire Stick with the available HDMI port Further, click on any button of the Fire TV remote, to check whether it executes the given command or not.

    Step2: Fix Internet Connection

    Sometimes Wi-fi not connecting to Fire stick.

    We all know that if we do the wrong attachment of the internet and also set up some of the wrong tools due to which your fire stick does not show any signal.

    But if you follow the complete information then you can easily make your Fire Stick available.

    • You will need to check why it is showing the error then you will need to check the Ethernet wire and make sure they are connected correctly to the port of the Ethernet.
    • It will be in the hardware form so to secure it you need to terminate both sides of the Ethernet cord and make the correct bond.
    • Next, you will need to do the power recycle of the router. You will be required to eject the power cable of the router and wait for a few seconds and then attach the cable back to the power source.
    • After it, you can also perform the same with your Fire Stick TV that is showing you the same error.
    • To attach the Ethernet adapter with your Fire TV Stick, you must have got it from the certified company from where you have purchased it.

    Step3: Correct Network Settings

    • If you face any problem with the connection then it might show the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal, but this can be resolved by following the below steps:
    • Firstly, open the menu of the system
    • Then navigate to the network
    • Tap the play/pause button for some time.
    • Now it will find the problem-related Fire Stick No signal by diagnosing the setting of the network.

    Step4: Check Indicator of Power Light

    When the power light indicator of the TV is either fluctuating or getting turned off automatically while streaming, then there is some problem with the power cord or with the socket or power plug.

    Step5: Select Right Resolution

    We advise you to select the correct resolution because sometimes the incorrect or un-adaptive resolution affects the streaming of the Fire TV Stick.

    If you want to make changes in the resolution then press the up and rewind button on the Fire TV Stick remote and then use the current resolution.

    Get in Touch With The Fire Stick Support Team

    if you have tried all steps to fix the  Fire Stick no signal issue and still you are not able to fix the issue.

    It can be either you are skipping some step in between due to which you are not able to fix the issue.

    Then you can contact the support team of Amazon Fire Stick who are always feasible to help you when you are in trouble.

    It will save your time if you will take the guidance of the expert as they are having years of experience in the technical field.