Fire tv remote not pairing

Fire TV remote not pairing

The Fire Stick is one of the popular streaming media players available in the market which allows consumers to watch various content from several online providers. Although this is a reliable device there are instances whilst its remote may not be pairing properly. This is what we will be addressing nowadays as we tackle the way to restore Fire Stick remote no longer pairing/working trouble. Moreover, you can approach the Fire Stick Support who is always ready to assist and guide you when you are in a problem.

Reasons Why Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Whether the Fire TV remote stopped running suddenly, or by no means worked properly out of the field, there are lots of motives that would reason for this problem. Some of the commonplace troubles that customers have stated and the reasons to why the Fire Stick remote isn’t pairing for you under, together with the ways to fix them.

 1 – Battery Problem

While the generation that is going into the Fire TV Stick remote can be widely exclusive from the traditional IR remotes, it nonetheless operates on widespread AAA batteries. The maximum commonplace problems that customers face with the Fire TV remote are when the device is running on a low battery. Unlike regular remotes that tend to work lengthy-term even on low battery, the Bluetooth-primarily based remote of Fire TV tends to head haywire whilst the battery runs low, inflicting it to a malfunction or stopped working completely. Here’s what you can do to counter this problem:

    • Remove the back of your Fire TV far off and come out of the batteries.
    • Make positive which you reinsert them in the proper order (+ and – facet).
    • If the batteries on your Fire TV remote are a few months old, strive to replace them.
    • Try the use of Alkaline batteries (1.5V) in place of the Rechargeable batteries (1.2V) for better performance.
    • If you’ve made sure that the batteries are inserted in the perfect order and even tried changing them, then the difficulty with the Fire Stick remote no longer working seems to do with something else.

    2 – Unsuccessful Pairing

    On your everyday TV remote, there is a set frequency for the IR remote and the receiver over which they connect and perform. As we’ve got referred to earlier, the remote you get with your Fire TV works in a different way when you consider that it is Bluetooth-primarily based and now not IR-based totally. This is why it first wishes to set up a hit paired connection with the Fire TV Stick earlier than you can start the use of it.

    • Connect the Fire TV Stick to an HDMI port at the back of your HDTV and plug within the MicroUSB cable to provide its strength.
    • Switch the HDMI Channel over which the Fire TV Stick is connected and watch for the Fire TV to boot up.
    • Bring the remote towards the Fire TV and then press and maintain the Home button at the remote.
    • Press and hold down the Home button for around 10 seconds and then launch it.
    • The Fire TV remote should become more responsive and you must be capable of using it together with your streaming device.

    You may want to repeat the steps mentioned above a couple of instances if it does no longer works properly away. However, if this solution does not seem to give you the results you want or does not work as you would intend for it to, continue below to solve the Fire Stick remote not pairing problem.


    3 – Poor Range

    What makes the Fire TV Stick remote successfully higher than the good old IR remote is that when you consider that it is Bluetooth-primarily based, you don’t want a clean line of sight between the remote and the device plugged into the ss back of your HDTV. However, similar to every wireless connectivity generation accessible, Bluetooth also has a definitive variety, and then it both works much less than optimally, or by no means.

    • If you’re running the remote in a big room, try removing any obstruction between the TV and the Fire TV Stick remote.
    • Try move close towards the back of your TV in which the Fire TV Stick and connected to peer if it really works in close range.
    • Moreover, you can make use of the extension cables to bring the dongle out from behind the TV. It will improve the connectivity of the remote.
    • If the HDTV is placed in an enclosure or cupboard, open it and see if the far off works to find out if an obstruction is trouble here.

     4 – Interference

    If all of the issues which have been highlighted above don’t seem to be the trouble, then there might be greater to the problem here. While Bluetooth technology does have an extensive range of benefits over the traditional Infrared, it is also vulnerable to interference whilst it is available in proximity to any other connectivity generation. The elements noted underneath were recognized to interfere with the effectiveness and variety of Bluetooth:

    Wireless audio system (Bluetooth channel interference)

    Unshielded coaxial cables

    If you have either of those devices in near proximity to the TV and Fire Stick, then take away them from the region and try working the remote once more. However, if this does not seem to accurate the problem of Fire Stick Remote not pairing, there can be the simplest one solution left.

     5 – Faltering Remote

    While the Fire TV along with its remote is built to last it’s a technology era that could continually face issues. If you’ve had the Fire TV Stick long enough, there are probabilities of mishandling and breakage, despite the fact that it may now not appear obvious, or maybe you simply were given a shorter end of the stick with a malfunctioning remote. Either way, replacing the Fire TV Remote with an authentic one can be your simplest desire.

    Various Methods to Deal with A Fire TV Remote Not pairing Issue-

    Always remember that on every occasion the TV remote stops working or fail to pair, this surely approach that the battery is already drained. This mainly occurs while you are bringing TV remote control into use. Gradually, while its consistent use, the remote loses up its complete battery life. Subsequently, after ensuring that the battery has died, attempt changing the old ones with the new ones.

    Step 1: Apply the appropriate amount of pressure at the lower back facet of the remote through the use of thumbs. Keep pressing the aspect till the complete lower back cover slides down slightly.

    Step 2: Once the lower back cover moves from its position, lift it up and faraway from the Fire TV remote.

    Step 3: Thirdly, you have to insert the 2 AAA length batteries into the back facet of the remote.

    Step 4: Once the batteries are inserted, reposition the back cover onto the remote. Slide down the cover so that it clicks into its place.

    Step 5: Pair the Fire TV Remote and begin enjoying streaming offerings in your control.

    How to Pair Up Fire TV Remote?

    If the remote continues to be not working, the problem would possibly arise or caused by the wrong pairing of remote with the Fire TV. So, to make sure which you have efficiently paired the remote along with your TV, start following the troubleshooting steps indexed under.

    Step 1: Find the Home button in your remote and constantly press it for 10 seconds. Then, your remote will automatically pair with your TV within a minute.

    Step 2: In case it does not pairs up by means of own, then take off the power adapter from the Fire TV device or from the wall outlet.

    Step 3: Ensure that the Fire TV device is turned off earlier than you start resetting the Fire TV remote. To reset the remote, start urgent the Menu button, Back button, and the left side of the navigation ring together at the same time.

    Step 4: Press and hold all these buttons for approximately 10 seconds. Remember, this motion doesn’t factory reset the Fire TV device as it only disconnects Fire TV settings from the remote.

    Step 5: Finally, take out the batteries from the Fire TV faraway and plug in the Fire TV device lower back to the power source.

    Step 6: Next, look forward to the Home screen to appear in front of you.

    Step 7: Insert the batteries again once more inside the Fire TV remote and ultimately anticipate a minute at the least.

    Step 8: If nonetheless, the Fire TV Remote Not pairing issue is visible then press and hold the Home button at the remote for nearly 10 seconds.

    Compatibility check of the Fire Stick Remote

    You have to perform this step only if your Fire TV remote comes out of the box one after the other. However, if you are sure that you have replaced the remote with a brand new one or a 3rd party remote then test whether or not if it’s working along with your precise Fire TV model or now not.

    How to Use the Fire TV Remote App?

    Like every person, you must be using an Android or iOS telephone. Simply go to and open their respective app shops and download the Fire TV app for Android and iOS. Further, use your telephone or tablet as a remote to control your Fire TV so long as it is related to the same network as your Fire TV.

    How to Replace the Fire TV Remote?

    This is the final thing you could do to resolve the Fire TV Remote Not pairing issue when none of the above steps is definitely running to repair the problem. Here, you should buy a brand new TV remote on your Fire TV and replace the old remote with a brand new one.

    The problem of the Fire Stick is very common and most of the people face it.  Many people who deal with it do not have any technical background. But you do not have to worry about it so you can take the help of the Fire Stick support team who are available for 24*7 hours and they can fix all the problems faced by you within no time.