How to fix Hp Error Printing Issue

In this blog, you will get all the information related to the hp printer and the error that you are facing. Here you will see the troubleshooting steps of Hoe to fix the Hp error Printing issue. Even, most of the users of the hp Printer are asking us why they get to see the message on the digital panel that the print won’t print. According to us this error can be due to many reasons like weak printer wireless connection, corrupted print jobs or even other errors in the printer can cause this issue.

Methods to rectify the Hp Error Printing issue

If you really want that your Hp Printer should work without any interruption then you will have to follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1

Check the Error Messages or the Blinking Lights

  • The very first step to know about the printing issue is to check the error messages.
  • To check it go to the control Panel to see the blinking lights,If there is no blinking light or the error message, then move to next step.
  • If it is showing then you will have to clear that error and if you do not know how you can remove that snag then you can call to the technical team of the hp printer who are there for your. You Have to just tell them your printer model and then and they will fix the issue of the blinking lights.

    Step 2

     Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor

    The second step is to download the Hp Print scan and scan doctor and run it. As when you will install this, it will automatically diagnose and fix the error of the Hp printer related to the hardware and also the connectivity issue.

    But for this you will have to follow the on screen instructions of the HP Print and scan doctor. Once it, fix all the errors try to get the print of your document.

    If the error still exist then you will have to move to next step.

     Step 3

      Clear the Print Job

    You must be aware of that when you send the print job to the printer it will show the file of the Window. But sometimes the file gets corrupted due to which it cause you a problem. When you clear the printing queue it will clear all the issues.

    • First of all you will have to search for the Local services and then you have to click on the view option.
    • Here you will find the print spoiler icon, by right-clicking on it you will have to stop it.
    • It will stop all the services and then close the window of service.
    • Then you will have to go to the :c drive and there you will have to look for the System 32 folder and in it you will see the spool folder
    • By doing a double click on it, you will find a Print folder
    • Here you will have to delete all the files that are there in the folder.

    Now, try to get a print of the document.

    If the error still persists then, you will require to remove and re-install the print driver and make sure it is the latest version of the Hp Printer Driver.

    Moreover, you can call to the support team of the HP printer who are ready to assist you when you confront with the error. By making a call at the toll-free number you can get all your problem fixed.