How to fix HP laserjet pro m1132 error code e8

How To Fix HP Laserjet Pro M1132 Error Code E8?

If you own the HP Laserjet Pro M1132 and suddenly the E8 error light starts flashing on your printers, it simply means the problem is with the scanner carriage. The error can be due to any reason, like a software-based or broken scanner motor connection.

HP is one of the most reputed companies in manufacturing electronic goods and always offers exceptional quality to its consumers. Printers are said to be HP’s greatest creation. But, due to some reason printers also give errors which can be frustrating. To quickly get rid of these errors all you need is professional help from HP customer support services. Let’s discuss some reasons for the error and troubleshooting steps to get rid of it. Tap or click here to view your HP Laserjet Pro model.

What is the reason for the error code E8?

HP error code E8 is a warning error. The reason for the error could be software-based or the trouble is the motor itself. Another factor that contributes to this error code is dust has been collected on the sensitive mechanical arms which leads to gentle movement and eventually carriage is stalled and the printer is freeze.

  • First, you need alcohol and a rag to clean the printer. Now, place the printer in a well-ventilated area. Take a screwdriver and open printer parts.
  • Detach the top and inner lid of the printer to open more.
  • Open the ink cartridge lever and pull it out while holding the handle.
  • Dip the rag in alcohol to clean the roller before it unclips the printer roller from its holder. Now clean it thoroughly with the damp rag.
  • Let the roller get dry before clipping it back to the printer holder.
  • Clip the roller back to the printer holder and as the roller positioned back it should produce a distinct click which means it’s correctly reinstalled.
  • Move the printer sideways and look for jack at the back of the printer. After that pull the jack out by removing the nuts.
  • Thoroughly clean the printer roller and reinstall back the jack with nuts.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridge properly before closing the printer.
  • Now, close the printer and turn on. Error still pops, then applies some oil in the driver’s gear after the scanner cover is open.
  • Lastly, switch the printer on again and check.

    Dial HP Printer Customer Support Number

    After performing the above-mentioned troubleshooting step error continuing then all you need to do is to call HP Printer Customer Support Service immediately. 123Help is a team of trained HP Printer experts who are just a call away! Once you place a call, your issue will be taken care of with the best possible resolution. No matter how complex the issue is we are experienced and well equipped to take care of your printer’s health. Call us now!