HP 4500 Envy Printer

HP 4500 Envy Printer

Printers like  HP 4500 envy are in much demand for the business and everyday use as they provide all in one feature like printing, scanning and also do the fax. This is the most well-made series of the printer that has three in one option but the main features of this printer are that it has a low initial price and the printing quality of the Hp 4500 Envy Printer.

We have two options available right now for you related to the Envy 4500 series of the Hp Printer. The first one is the Hp Envy 4500 that has all in one and it was released in 2013 and the second one is the Hp Envy 4520 that was released in 2015. But in this post, we will explain to you all about the Hp Envy 4500 Printer and how you can fix the errors caused by this printer.

What is the problem faced during the use of the Hp Envy 4500 printer?

Most of the users of this printer report that they are facing the cartridge issue and they do not know how they can fix it. So,  we in this blog will provide you the troubleshooting techniques through your electronic device will start working. Here are the reviews of the troubleshooting steps.

    Error Missing Cartridge Message

    • The missing error of the cartridge will only appear on the screen when the cartridge is not properly installed. So, to fix this error follow the below steps:
    • You need to check that your Hp printer has correct cartridge inserted as HP 61 and Hp 63 are the cartridges that work with this particular Hp Printer.
    • Then, you have the assurance that the cartridge is installed at the right color slot. Your black cartridge will not work if it is in the Tri-color cartridge slot. You must place the cartridge smoothly in the Hp Printer.
    • Further, if your cartridge is at the angle then the gold contact will not be able to read the command accurately and will show the error of missing cartridge.
    • If everything is correct and then also you are getting the error then you can remove the cartridge and then insert it back by cleaning the gold contact.
    • You can also take the assistance of the technical team of the hp printer who will explain to you the process to fix the error.

    Empty Cartridge Message

    If you are getting this error then you must be using the re-manufacturer of the ink cartridge then it will for sure show you the same error of the Empty cartridge. Even you try to install the new cartridge.

    If you think resetting the gold contact chip with the re-manufacturer is easy but it is not a cup of tea especially when you refill and refurbish the cartridge.

    Your Printer will directly read if your cartridge is original that has been depleted. But it will not be the case when your cartridge will be refurbished but it is all up to you how to convince your Hp Printer.

    So, if you want to remove the error of the Empty Cartridge Message then you have to speak to the technical team of the Hp Printer who are always available to help you out when you are dealing with this error.

    Even at the same time, you can press the OK button to approve it when it is displayed on your Printer.

    Further, you need to keep in mind that you will not able to track the exact number of the pages but you can have with the original cartridges.