Hp Printer Paper Jam

Hp Printer Paper Jam

Hp Printer is the best electronic device that provides you the best printing quality and other unique features. Hp has launched different models that have additional features related to the printing. As the inkjet hp printer provides you a black and white-colored printing option. Despite this, while using this Inkjet Hp Printer you might face the problem of a Paper Jam. This is a very common problem that most of the users experience with this error.

Why Hp Printer Paper Jam occur?

Normally, this error occurs when the paper gets stuck in the inkjet during the print. In such a situation, either it will stop the printing process or the printer will push out the paper that is stuck in between. To remove the error you will need to clear the paper that is causing the jam in the Hp Printer.

It is quite important to clear the paper jam error to make the work efficient.

Simple and common steps to fix the Hp Printer Paper Jam

The most common and the prominent places where the error usually occurs are in the paper tray. It happens when the paper is loose in the tray to get rid of the error you need to clear the problem. Even if it is stuck in the tray you need to remove it. After it, press the resume button if the issue is only with the tray.

    Remove the Front Cover of the Printer

    Also, you can remove the paper jam when you carefully remove the paper from the tray without damaging the printer.

    Remove the Rear Access Point

    Here you need to check the access point to see where the problem of paper jam is arising. You will need to click on the knob to release and remove it.

    Now, you need to take the paper out that is stuck behind the rollers. You might have to remove all the paper and also the scraps of it.

    By replacing the rear access point of the printer you can try to fix the issue.

    Check the Print Carriage

    If your Print carriage is not working properly then it can cause the error of paper jam. You will have to check the carriage to make sure it is working properly.

    • Firstly, unplug the cable of the Hp Printer from the power and then carefully take the carriage out.
    • If the print carriage is stuck in between then you must not apply force to get it out.

    After it, you need to start rotating the rollers inside the carriage. Check if it makes 3 rotations with fingers gently. Next, move it in an upward direction. When the roller is rotating you need to check that everything in the printer is working properly and there is no paper stuck.

    Get the errors resolved

    Indeed, if you are not able to get the problem of the Hp Printer fixed then you can easily communicate with the support team of the Hp Printer who are easily accessible to provide you the service. They are available 24*7 hours throughout the year to help you out when you are in trouble. You are just one call away to get an immediate response to your Problem.