HP Psc 2355 Printer Error

HP Psc 2355 Printer Error

Hp is the best and most famous brand that is manufacturing electronic devices along with software and hardware. Moreover, if we see there are more Hp printer users who are enticed by the amazing printing qualities of it. But the users of Hp printer are reporting the Hp Psc 2355 Printer error when they try to get the print of their important files. But need not to worry, you can take the help of the technical team of the Hp printer

Although in the post we have discussed all the quick fixes that can resolve your Hp Psc 2355 Printer error.

Why this Hp Psc 2355 printer error appears?

Many people get confused when they try to take the print of the paper and suddenly this error appears. But they do not have any knowledge about it. So, the reason behind this error is due to the carriage issue or the paper get stuck in the tray. But you can fix this problem by following the guidelines explained in this post or even you can speak to the tech support of the Hp printer.

Common and simple steps to resolve the Hp Printer error?

There are some easy instructions that you can follow to fix the issue:

Check the power connection of the device

You will need to see if your printer is on or not when you press the power button. If it is not on then you will have to check the cable of the printer that it is properly connected to the power. You can divide the cable into 2 parts. Firstly check the adapter is connected to the power and then back to the printer. Also, check it is properly plugged in.

    Reset the Hp Printer

    To make the printer reset you will require to remove the cable of the Hp printer from the power while it is running and then you will have to wait for 30-40 seconds. Now you can put the cable back to the power source and then turn on the printer.

     The software must be installed properly

    When you try to take the print or the try to scan the document then you must make sure the software of the printer is properly installed on your device. When you purchase the printer then it should have a compact disc that is to be used to install the driver of the printer and the software. Then you have to follow all the instructions step by step to make the software work properly.

     Fix the Paper Jam

    If you see that the paper that you are trying to print is jammed then do not pull the paper because it might damage the paper feed roller, as it is designed to move in one direction only. So, you must remove it from the back of the printer instead of pulling it. Then press the icon to the right to open the door and there you will see the jammed paper. Carefully remove that paper from the feed roller.

    Chat with us to fix the Hp Psc 2355 Printer error?

    You must be aware of the online service providers of the Hp printers whoa re are ready to assist you when you are in trouble. So, you can just contact our technical team of the Hp printer by calling at the toll-free number +1-925-488-3550  and they will get back to you with a reliable solution to all the errors faced by you while making use of the Hp printer.