HP service error 79

Hp Service Error 79

There is no denying the fact that the Hp brand is the world’s one of the best printer manufacturing companies that provide the customers not only software and the hardware related to the computer but also design Hp printers with different models. It is one such product that helps you in providing the best printing quality along with the ultimate features. But most of the people encounter with the Hp Service Error 79. Meanwhile, you can fix this error with the help of the technical team who are ready to assist you in resolving the problem.

What is this HP Service Error 79?

 It is the service error code that is displayed on the digital control panel of the Hp printer when the printer gets switch off and then on. Also, it can be due to the incompatible DIMM.

How to troubleshoot the hp Printer Service Error 79?

You can easily solve this Hp printer error code 79 but for this, you need to follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1:

Turn off the Hp printer

  • If you really want to fix the HP printer error 79 then you have to first turn off the power of your HP Printer.
  • Next, wait for a few 30 seconds
  • Then, turn your Hp Printer back to on.
  • You will have to wait till your Hp Printer gets restart and initialize the process.

    Step 2:

     Re-install DIMM

    • If you want to fix the problem, then you will have to turn your printer off
    • After this, you will have to remove the DIMM
    • Even, if you want to confirm the DIMM, then reinstall it
    • Once the DIMM gets installed then you can switch your HP Printer on.

    Step 3

    Internet Access

    • If the above two steps do not help you in fixing the Hp Printer Service Error 79, then you can proceed to the next step of Internet access.
    • Here also, you will require to turn your hp printer off.
    • Next, you will have to check and clear the print jobs. If you think the error is because of the print jobs then you can remove the print job so that you can make your printer work properly.
    • Also, you need to check the model number and domain service.
    • After it, you have to sign in into your account and then remove it from the network.
    • With the above steps, you can easily fix the Hp Printer 79 services codes.


    Talk to the technical team for further help

    If you think these steps are not helping you in fixing the error then you can take the help of the support team of the Hp printer who is easily feasible to assist and guide you when you confront the error. You need to call at the helpline number and one of the executives will get in touch with you to fix your all problems related to the HP Printer.