Hp Support Assistant

HP Support Assistant

When your Hp computer is not in the working conditions, then you can select the Hp Support assistant tool which the computer for ideal working. Through it, you can easily troubleshoot the issue and search for the software for new updates. Most of the computers of the Hp have this hp support assistant inbuilt. You can look for this tool, by searching from the window “support assistant” and make use of it.

How is this Hp Support assistant Helpful? What you can do on it?

On your system when you are not able to fix the error then you can take the help from the support assistant of the Hp. So, here are some features of the tool that you can do on it.

 You can install the software

If you are not able to do the updating, then with the help of the hp technician you can easily install the latest software.

 Change the Notification Settings and Schedule the update

You can set your priorities that when you can check the software updates and also the support team can notify you when the message of the update is available. Follow the below steps to do that:

  • On the top of the hp support assistant window, you will see settings click on it.
  • In it, you can make changes in the settings in each section as required but you should also check if the changes made by you in the settings are available.

    Update the Computer

    To update the drivers, install the computer updates, system utilities, and other useful utilities, you can use the support assistant. Even if you want to update your computer, you need to follow the below steps:

    • In the top menu click on the “My devices” and then click on the “updates” in the PC or my notebook panel.
    • Next, check for the updates and messages to scan the recent updates.
    • Even, you can review a list of the updates.
    • Then, you can click on the available update to check the name and size of the file, description and version number.
    • After it, you can select the box that appears after the update that you want to install.   
    • Further, download and click on the install option.
    1. If you want to postpone the update, then you can click on remind me of the option and then select a time preference.
    2. Further, you can also delete the available update by clicking on the delete icon to remove it from the list
    3. Review update status: To view the list of installed, postponed and deleted updates you can click on the action log.

    How you can add other Hp Device?

    If you are using the Hp Printer, then your Hp support assistant can also work with it. For this, you need to check that the printers should connect immediately with the computer or also they should be at the same local network.

    • If you want to add the device, then turn it on and make it connected with a computer or the local network.
    • After it, click on add a hp device, through the “my devices” tab.
    • Now, click on detect my device and it will show you the list of the available devices that you want to add. Even, you can click on the “manually add my device” to use the serial number and the product number for finding your device with the help of the Hp support technicians.
    • Next, it will show you your particular device, click on it to add in the devices.

     To get More Information chat with us

    While calling to the helpline number our support team of hp printers will get in touch with you. If you are not able to install the hp support assistant they will help and instruct you. They are available 24*7 hours for your assistance throughout the year. You are just one call away from us. Give us a call and we are ready to fix all the problems of yours related to the Hp Printer and other hp devices.