My printer is offline how to quickly get this online

My Printer Is Offline, How To Quickly Get This Online?

If you own an HP printer, sometimes you receive this mundane error: HP printer offline. As a result, below are the scenarios that happen with your equipment:

  • The printer gadget is unable to acknowledge the printing instructions.
  • File and printer sharing is disabled.
  • Network port IP gets reset.
  • You’re unable to locate printers/devices on the network.

Fixing the Snag

Step 1: Do a power reset and then check the connection

  1. We will start troubleshooting by resetting the printer. For this, turn off the device, hold for 30 to 35 seconds and then turn it on. Give the printing command to see whether the issue has been resolved.

If not, move ahead to the next step.

    Step 2: Ensure the printer is connected to the network

    1. If you’re using a wireless connection for your printer, ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on the laptop/tablet and you’re connected to the wireless network (SSID).
    2. Also, see to it that the equipment has a valid IP address by verifying on the configuration page or the network summary.
    3. If the IP is not defined, it is a clear indicator that the network is not configured properly.
    4. If the IP address is allocated, move ahead to the next step.
    5. Open one of a search engine to use this authentic IP in the address bar. If:
    6. Embedded Web Server (EWS) opens; the printer is available on the network. Therefore, we need to verify the “Use printer offline” settings which shall be discussed ahead.
    7. However, if the EWS doesn’t open, go to the next step.
    8. Ping the network to test the network communication. For this, go to the Start menu, enter Run on the search bar and then type “cmd”. Then type ping and enter the IP address of the printer.
    9. If the response time is generated by the printer, it shows that the network is working properly.
    10. Else, if the ping command fails and gives an error “Request timed out”, the printer is not connected to the network and we will imply the next step.

        Step 3: Check the “Use Printer Offline” Settings

              When you check the settings, perhaps you will find out that the “User printer offline” settings were selected. Thus, the printer was unable to print and it requires unselecting these settings. For this:

    1. Go to Devices and printers by selecting the Start icon.
    2. Right-click on your printer to check for “Use printer offline” settings.
    3. If they are on, immediately uncheck them.
    4. Post this; give the printing command to see if you can print.

    The above were some of the basic steps that can be implemented when you come across an HP printer offline error. The hope is that, if you diligently imply them, you will easily be able to surmount this convoluted technical snag with your HP printer.

    However, if you still face any difficulty while resolving the issue with the gadget, then you may call our savvy professionals for assistance. We are experts who can resolve any of your printer queries in the shortest time possible.