Printer Hp K7100 error

Printer Hp K7100 error

Many users of the Hp Printer are complaining about the Hp K7100 error during the use of the device. So, to get it to fix you are either follow the below steps or even you can speak to the technical team of the Hp printer who are always available to help you when you confront this error problem.

What are the factors leading to printer Hp K7100 error?

When your Hp printer starts blinking lights and also flashing the light this means the hp printer is showing the error of K7100. You can get the print of the documents but there will be some unexpected colors printed. So, to resolve the error you can take the help of the support team of the hp printer who is always available to help you out when you are dealing with some major or minor errors.

 Step 1

Print a diagnostic Page

Through this, you can easily manage what is causing you more problems either it is your printer or the Cartridge.

  • Firstly, you need to start with the plain paper from the main tray.
  • Then you will have to press and hold the power button
  • After it, press the cancel button
  • Then, you have to release both the buttons i.e the cancel and the power button altogether.
  • This will now print the test page
  • After it, you will have to make a note that which cartridge of your printer is defected by getting evaluated on the printed paper.
  • Even, if your Hp printer is working properly, and then also you are getting the grid lines and also the pattern of the color is not uniform then it will ask you to replace the cartridge.

If by diagnostic test page, you can not fix the issue then you will have to follow the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

    Step 2

    • Check the Settings of the Hp Printer
    • To check the settings, you will have to click the file button and then click on the print button, it will show you a window of Print.
    • Then, here you will have to tap on the Preferences or the other name is properties on the icon.
    • After it, you can click on the tab of printing shortcuts
    • Now, you can modify the changes in the options of the printing through the shortcut menu:
    • Printing quality: if your print quality is not accepted then you can increase the quality to the superiority.
    • Then Paper type: In case,  if you choose the correct paper type then it will also match the Kind of the paper type.
    • Paper size: It should also match the paper that is loaded in the product.
    • Ink Volume: By going to the advanced settings you can adjust the ink level that you want to use in the printing. If it is for the lighter image then you can drag the slider to the left and in right for the darker images.

     Step 3

     You need to replace the cartridge

    When you want to change the cartridge you will need to turn on the printer and then you will have to unlock the cover of the cartridge to get access to that area.

    • Now, release the old ink cartridge that is used in the printer.
    • You might have to purchase an authentic cartridge and then hold it from both sides.
    • Further, you will need to remove the protective layer that is on the ink cartridges.
    • After it, you can close the cover of the ink cartridge where you have inserted the ink cartridge slot

    Then you need to take a print of test documents to check if the issue is properly solved.

    On the whole, if the above steps do not help in fixing the issues then you can contact the technical team of the gadgetsick who are always available to provide you assistance when you are in problem.  Call at the helpline number to fix the problem.