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Howard (Deer Park, NY)

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Howard Deer Park, NY

2025 People helped

Very helpful and very knowledgeable on all that I requested. He also talked to me in what I call language that we all know, layman’s terms to help describe things…

Sean North Las Vegas, NV

4445 People helped

USMC Veteran. 50+ Years Experience Begining with 10 years as a Senior Instrumentation Technician with our NASA Space Program, worked on Saturn S1B..

John Poland, NY

1820 People helped

The app wasn’t working too well and he couldn’t hear me. however he was nice enough to get my cell number and call me right back and we chatted for 20 min about…

Roger Texarkana, AR

3660 People helped

Howard really put my mind at ease. He was easygoing and professional, made the call and process easy. Not happy with what’s potentially wrong with my vehicle, but…

Daniel Roscoe, IL

11182 People helped

I have been in business for 16+ years with certifications in most makes and models. I currently operate a garage that covers pretty much every aspect of diagnostics and..

Mike Cleveland, OH

15007 People helped

I know a lil about a lot and alot about having little so i have answer and it could be smart, LoL …. automotive & cell phones are my strong-suit with wiring as my..