Fire stick black screen

How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen Issue?

Very much disturbing, when you are watching your favorite TV shows on Amazon Fire TV stick and your TV suddenly displaying Fire stick black screen.

Let us go below to apply steps to fix this fire stick issue.

Quick Steps To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen Issue

  • Check Fire stick in other TV device.
  • Check fire stick charged enough.
  • Check the connections of device.
  • Unplug the Power adaptor.
  • Re-plug the power adaptor after 5 sec.
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the HDMI port.
  • Re-plug HDMI port.
  • Try to use high speed HDMI cable.
  • Match the HDMI cables inserted on same ports.
  • Restart the device.

Still fire stick showing black screen, go ahead with some  advance troubleshooting steps. 

Advance Steps To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen Issue

If quick steps not solve your issue. Try out some advance steps that will help you to fix the black screen issue.

  • Verify Weak Signal
  • Verify physical connections.
  • Check remote pairing.
  • Verify the audio devices.
  • Verify HDMI cable.

    Step 1: Verify Weak Signal

    For Fire Stick better experience you should have a high speed internet connection. 

    If your Fire Stick is not connected with Wi-Fi, then this is the main reason for Fire Stick black screen issue.

    Check if you have internet problem then go to the given link to fix the internet connection.

    Step 2: Verify Physical Connection

    To resolve the startup problems you will need to check the connections of the device.Then, disconnect your Fire TV from the power cord or the adapter temporarily.Next, to connect the device with the TV you will have to use the adapter or the power cord that comes during the purchase. It will assure that Fire Tv has enough power.

    However, you will have to leave the device for about 20-25 minutes until the screen changes.

    Step 3: Check Remote Pairing

    • Sometimes Fire stick black screen occurring due to battery of remote.
    • Battery of remote get damaged and remote not pairing with Fire stick.

    Step 4: Check Audio Devices

    Some times your audio wires are not connected properly that’s why fire stick black screen issue occurring.

    Try to unplug them once then re-plug after few seconds.

    Step 5: Verify HDMI Cables

    Sometimes HDMI cables inserted loose that’s why Fire stick black screen issue occurred.

    Moreover, you can also try with the extender or the HDMI adapter, if it is possible.But make sure you are using the high-speed HDMI cable.After it, try to insert the cable into a different port. Try connecting the Fire Stick directly to the TV for the HDMI hubs. Despite this, you will have to make sure that the TV is HDCP compliant.

    You can also use some other TV and if the problem still exists then you can reset the Fire Stick to the Factory Settings.

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