Fire stick not connecting to wifi

Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi

Fire Stick is known for streaming online content like music, videos, documentaries, movies, etc so it can be considered as one of the available micro-consoles and the most popular device for video streaming. You can easily set up and make use of them as they are not quite compact. Moreover, it offers you a high-quality streaming experience and also the high definition video rights to all the users of the TV. However, most of the customers complain about the Firestick not connecting to Wi-Fi error as it can be due to some network problem that it shows such error on the screen. Many users are non-tech savvy so they do not know how to fix the issue. So, if you are also the one who is getting any kind of connection troubles then our article will really help you out in resolving the problem. There are a few possible reasons that why you face this error but you have to find the reason so that it becomes easy to investigate the exact reason behind. Moreover, you can also take the help of the technical team of the Fire Stick who will guide and assist you in all the possible ways. You will get more solutions through the reviews to help you to restore the Firestick through online in a second. What are the reasons for Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi? There are many reasons for this error causing so here is detailed information about them: Wireless Router problem: Many times, your wireless router gives you that difficulty that is not connected to the Wi-Fi so when you do the set up of the fire stick you try to match the setting that is not supported by the fire stick due to which it is not connected to the Wi-Fi.

    Router Configuration Issues : So, this can be due to the arrangement of the router that is not correct because of the SSID and the network safety type can be erroneous and the DOS security gets on. Due to which you will not be able to connect the router and it will bestow the error.

    Wireless password got Forgotten : Most of the user’s time to time type the incorrect password due to which they face the disturbance while setting the network. But you must know that it is a very sensitive thing so this thing should not happen.

    Wrong Amazon Account :  You can face the problem while installing the fire stick with your TV if you are using the different Amazon account to set up it. So make sure you are using the same amazon account from which you have bought the fire stick.

    Wrong Account Settings : You can not to Wi-Fi if your language and the location are erroneous and even you can not complete the setup process. You set up might get interrupted if you have purchased the device from the other country and try to do the set up of it in another country.

    Due to Underlines the Software version : You can not do the setup process if the fire stick or the wireless is out-dated.
    So if you find the reason then you have to just follow the troubleshooting steps through which you can easily able to fix the error.

    Quick Fix of Fire Stick when not connecting to Wi-Fi : There are numerous steps through which you can easily fix the error and can make your device work without any interruption. So you need to follow the below process to get rid of the Fire Stick not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue.

    Restart the Fire Stick

    When you get an issue while working on the Fire Stick then the very first thing you think of it is to restart the device. So, subsequently, you will have to unplug the power cable from the back of the Fire Stick device and then you will have to wait for 10-20 seconds and then you can put the cable into the power and also into the back of the device.
    If this problem still persists in the device then you have to do the factory reset so that you can solve the connection issues. So to know how to reset the Fire Stick you will have to follow the below steps and then get back life to your fire stick device.First of all open the Settings

    • Then go to the devices option. In it, you will see your device and you must update it with the latest version of the software.
    • Next, you have to go down and then choose the reset button to do the factory defaults.
    • It will ask you to enter the PIN before you start all the process of resetting.
    • Now, enter the PIN and start the Reset.
    • Once the reset process is complete then you have to try to connect the Fire Stick device with the local network. And if you still face the same issue then you can talk to the support team of the Fire Stick who will help you out.

    Fire Won’t connect to Internet-why? Fix It
    When your Fire Stick device is still not able to connect with the wireless network then there must be some error in the router settings and the configuration. So, to reconfigure your router follow the below instruction and get your Fire Stick connected with the internet.

    Router Configuration
    So, when the router meets all the requirements of the Fire Stick and it still not getting connected to the internet then there is more possibility that the configuration of the router is not correct. This happens due to the SSID which is the same for both bands, the security type of network is wrong and the dos protection is also activated. Then you may see that the Wi-Fi is out of range from the Fire Stick.

    Use the Fire TV App
    If you want to make your Fire Stick works properly without any interruption then you must have the Fire Stick TV app to control it. But it will work only if you have the same Wi-Fi network on your phone and the Fire Stick. It happens because we do not have the remote control.

    Connect to a New Wi-Fi
    To make your Fire Stick connect with a new wireless network then you will need two smartphones and pair the devices through the Hotspot and the one devices you can use to pair the Firestick. But you will still need the SSID and the password. So first you need to connect with the original device to create the password and set the SSID to the same as the home Wi-Fi network.

    Enter the Correct Wi-Fi password
    Most of the time, when you set up the Fire Stick and in hurry, you enter the incorrect wireless network Password and the user gets an interruption in the streaming of the Firestick. We know that the Fire Stick is very sensitive when it comes to entering a special character for the Wi-Fi Password.

    Alternative steps to fix the Fire Stick won’t be connecting to Wi-Fi problem

    Restart the router or the modem

      If your Fire Stick and the connecting device are not working properly then you need to do a basic restart of the device and it will solve all the problems related to the Fire Stick or the router related to the Network and then you can easily reconnect your Firestick to the Wi-Fi.

    •  For this, you will have to first turn off your Router
    • So, you can use the power connector to switch off your modem and then wait for 30 seconds and then turn it on again. Moreover, you can also pull the plug from the power to end the gadget.
    • Next, turn your router back on
    • Waiting for 25-30 seconds you can switch your router back to on and hang it up so that you can connect the Firestick back to your WLAN.

    Note: You must control your modem first if you are using both the switch the modem.

    Wi-Fi not in Range- Rectify it
    If you are facing the network connection error between your Fire Stick and the router then it can be likely how you have connected the device with the network. No doubt it a new device game but I am sure that there is some short cut to it. It might take time to figure out that you can resolve the error.

    How to connect Fire Stick with the Wi-Fi?

    Follow the below steps so that you can easily make your Fire Stick connected with the Wi-Fi and stream the online content without any interruption and make your day brighter. No doubt, there is much reason why it gets disconnect. But there is one major reason behind i.e is a network error. So make sure you are connecting the Fire Stick to the stable and the proper Network. So, you have to make sure the connection with the Fire Stick. Even you can follow the below steps to verify the internet connection and also assure that it has the right network.

    • Step 1: You will require to go the Settings of the Fire Stick device
    • Step 2: Then here you will have to tap on the Network option
    • Step 3: After it, click on the play/pause button from your Local connection name.
    • Step 4: Now, you can see the whole network details of your Fire Stick device that you are using. Moreover, you can also check the Wi-Fi Network and all the errors encounter by your device during the connection.

    Step 5: If you get a list of the problem then you can apply all the tips to get a solution to the connection problem. More thing to notice that when they are unable to connect the Firestick with the Wi-Fi. So, just Simply forget about the network settings and then try to connect your device with it.

    Check the Wi-Fi or internet connection

    The next step you need to take is to check if the internet or the Wi-Fi works or not. Most probably you get this error when the internet connection is weak. So you have to make sure that the router is working properly. You can follow the below steps if the internet on the device is not functioning properly:

    • Verify the connection by connecting it through the other devices like the computer or the phone.
    • After it, you can restart the router and the modem and the router by pressing on the button on the back of the router.
    • Then remove the LAN cable from the modem and after some time, you can reconnect it.
    • Next, you need to pull out the switch of power and then try again.
    • Now, you need to wait for 5minutes and then try to connect your device again to the internet if it is successfully getting connected then it has resolved the error. To check if it is working check through the browser if it works.

    Contact Fire Stick Support for fixing the Error
    If you have tried all the options and you are not able to rectify then you are left with no other option but to connect the support team of the Firestick. They will help you to troubleshoot all the problems related to the Fire Stick. They are available 24*7 hours for your service. They will provide you all the reliable solutions to all the problems.