Fire stick not working

When you are making use of the Amazon Fire Stick and suddenly it stopped functioning and you also don’t know what has happened to it. And you start surfing online to fix Fire Stick not working issue.

Fire Stick is not working is a common issue which most of the users of Fire Stick complained about. 

This issue that can be easily solved if you follow the proper steps, with the help of the Amazon Fire Stick support team.

If you are tech friendly & want to do steps at your own. First we need to know why this issue occurred.

Reasons Why Fire Stick Is Not Working?

  • When you’re Fire Stick is not connecting to Wi-Fi, it can be due to any reason like not having proper power supply or weak signal of the Wi-Fi.  
  • Also, when you use fire Stick for long hours then the device gets overheated and it is the fault with the motherboard.
  • Your device can show the error if there is a problem in the HDMI cables i.e. either the cable is not inserted properly in the port of the device or the cable is damaged.
  • Sometimes, the problem with the audio can also be behind the fire stick not working
  • Though, when the Fire TV remote is not pairing, it also shows the same error. The issue can be due to  incomplete set up of the Fire Stick remote with the device.
  • Despite, Physical connection is the one more reason behind the error.
  • Sometimes Fire stick controller not working.

    Steps To Fix Fire Stick Not Working Issue

    • Try to reset the Wi-Fi.
    • Try Fire stick in other device.
    • Unplug the HDMI cables.
    • Re-plug the HDMI cables.
    • Try to change the batteries of remote.
    • Try to restart the Fire stick.

    Advance Steps To Fix Fire Stick Not Working Issue

    Step 1: Turning On Problems:

    When you are trying to turn on your Amazon Fire Stick and you are experiencing a problem in that. know how to fix this with doing easy steps.

    • Check fire stick light is indicating or not, if not check power cord properly inserted to your device or not.
    • Check the power cord damaged or not.
    • If damaged simply replace with new one.

    Many times this problem occurs due to poor physical connection of your TV.

    • Keep your TV on & unplug from the wall.
    • Hold the power cable or power button for 30 seconds.
    • Check if the Fire Stick is inserted properly to the HDMI Ports and also check if it is not. loose.
    • Unplug the Power cables once, then insert it again.

    Step 2: Problems Associated With Wifi:

    The Wi-Fi problem can be due to poor connection, power outage, or the modem or the router and even if you have made the wrong set up of the device.

    Moreover, if you think your Fire Stick not working on TV then the problem can be the password. You might have entered the wrong password.

    if you think you have entered correct password, do the following.

    • The first thing you have to do is to check router for no signal blocking.
    • Check compatibility of the Amazon Fire Stick.
    • Check the specification below on image. They should be similar for Router B, N, and G with 2.4 GHz and for route A and N it should be 5GHz.
    • Make sure there is no obstacles between the fire stick & router.

      if problem not solved proceed to next step.

    Step 3: Problems  With Fire Stick Remote:

    If your Fire Stick remote is not Working, do the following.

    • Take the batteries out of the remote and then re-insert it properly(if possible buy new batteries) in the battery part.
    • Check if they are in contact with the metal ring.

      Still, Fire Stick is not working then you may have to re-insert the batteries in the remote to make it work.

    • Hold the home button for 5 sec to pair with fire stick.
    • Check button of the remote and for this, if problem occurring you might have to replace the Fire Stick remote with brand new one.
    • You have to make sure that your Amazon Fire Stick should be fully charged at this time.

    Step 4: Problems  With App & Audio:

    Sometimes due to these type of glitches fire stick not working.

    Following glitches make fire stick not working.

    • App errors or crashing.
    • Audio & visual problems.
    • Blank or frozen home screen.

    To fix these issues try simply restarting the device.

    Follow Steps To Restart The Device:

    • Hold the select & play/pause button at the same time.or you can do one another way to restart the device.
    • Select the setting option from menu.
    • Select device & hit Restart.

    Step 5: Fire Stick Not Working Picture Problem:      

    Sometimes fire stick not showing picture, if you are facing same do the following.

    • Check HDMI cables correctly inserted or not.
    •  Unplug HDMI cables the re-plug them once.
    • Check HDMI cables, if damaged then buy new brand one.
    • Press UP & rewind button on  remote.
    • Once resolution get correct go to current resolution.

    Step 6: Fire Stick Audio Not Working:   

    Sometimes you are not listening any sound, if you are facing the same do the following to get rid of this problem.

    • Check external speakers compatible to fire stick or wires of speaker inserted properly.
    • Make audio setting to default.
    • Go to settings>Select Dolby Digital.
    • This option should be  “off”.
    • Go to Best Available.
    • Try to check your fire stick with another device to check that problem in fire stick or in TV. 

    I hope this fire stick guide help you to resolve your issue at your own if not.