Fire stick wont turn on

How To Fix Fire Stick Won’t Turn On issue?

Quit frustrating, when you are about to watch your favorite TV shows and your Amazon Fire stick won’t turn on

Without wasting the time Let us start the discussion how to turn on the Fire stick.

Steps To Fix Fire Stick Won’t Turn On Issue

  • Chat with us for Free support and help
  • Call us for free upgrade of new software
  • Firestick might be locked
  • Unplug the power cord from TV.
  • We need to reset the TV Re-plug the TV after 20 sec.
  • Unplug the Fire stick from HDMI hub.
  • Change the charging cable.

If you are still finding Fire stick not turning on then proceed with advance troubleshooting steps.

Advance Steps To Fix Fire Stick Won’t Turn On Issue

The initial steps can’t resolve your issue. Check out some technical suggestions that you can follow to fix your issue. 

  • Verify remote not pairing.
  • Check audio issues occurring.
  • Verify white light not indicating.
  • Check cable is not inserted properly.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Check Physical connections loose.
  • Check HDMI port & hub.
  • Use High speed cable.

    Step 1: Verify Remote Not pairing

    This problem can occurred due Fire stick remote. It might be not working because the battery of it may get drained then your Fire Stick won’t turn on.

    Even, there can be a problem in the pairing of the Fire Stick remote. So, for this, you may need to check it.

    Step 2: Check Audio Issues

    When you are trying to turn on your Fire Stick and it is not working then it can be due to audio problems. For this, you have to check if you have not accidentally turned off the volume option. If it is then you must on it. Other than that, you can follow the below steps to fix the problem:

    If you see that there is a problem with the external speaker, then it is not compatible.

    It can also be due to the wrong set up of the audio setting that your Fire Stick won’t turn on. So, try to do the correct configuration.

    If all the steps do not help then you may check all the cable connections. You can also communicate with the Fire Stick support team for their guidance in making your Fire Stick operate.

    Step 3: Verify White Light Indication

    First of all, check if the indicator of the light should be flickering in white color.

    It the indicator is lightening then you must check the power cable, whether it is connected to the main source properly or not. Even if you can fix Fire Stick won’t turn on, then there can be another issue.

    Most of the time, your Fire Stick won’t turn on because the cable is either not inserted properly which means it is loose or it may be the cable has got damaged. If this is the reason then you must replace the cord.

    Step 4: Check Cables Inserted Properly

    Even the issue of Physical Connection can show Fire Stick won’t turn on. Due to overheating, your device may not get turn on. There can be an issue with your HDMI cable.

    Sometimes there is a hardware fault in the HDMI ports. So, try to have a complete check on them daily or weekly.

    The other cause behind the Fire Stick is that there can be some defects in the hardware of Fire TV stick. So, make sure you must keep a check even there is the least risk to your device.

    Most of the time when your cable of your Fire TV is not connected properly to the power, it shows the error. It can be due to a loose connection that the Fire TV Stick is not inserted properly. It shows a loose connection between the cables.

    Step 5: Check Poor Internet Connection

    To make use of the Fire Stick it is necessary that you should have a proper internet connection. 

    If your Fire Stick is connected with Wi-Fi, then it is the main reason that your Fire Stick won’t turn on is internet.

    This error can happen due to power outage, poor Wi-Fi signals, and something which is creating hindrance in the wireless connection.

    To get the Internet Connection fix you can try the below steps:

    Firstly, see if the router and modem are functioning properly and they are compatible to work with your Fire Stick and they follow the criteria.

    Moreover, they should completely meet the specification of the Fire Stick.

    If the above steps do not help you in removing the issue of Fire Stick won’t turn on then you may need to contact the technical support team of Amazon Fire Stick who will help you in fixing the problem.

    Step 6: Verify The Physical Connections

    Make sure that you check the HDMI port in which you have inserted the Fire Stick.

    The very first thing you need to do is to check if the HDMI port is inserted properly and it is not loose.

    The other reason that you make face this issue can be due to the low battery of the Fire Stick remote.

    You may try to replace the batteries of your Fire Stick remote.

    Even after doing all the steps still, your Fire Stick won’t turn on, then there is an issue with the motherboard.

    Most of the time, when your Fire Stick takes too much time for updating then the reason behind it is that your device gets overheated and your Fire Stick gets completely damaged.

    So, you must use your Fire Stick carefully.

    You might start using other power adapter and another USB cord to make your Fire Stick device turn on.

    Despite, you need to be very clear that when you are using Fire Stick use the same charger like the other Amazon Brand devices which implies using the different power chargers rather than batteries.

    Fire TV Stick doesn’t work on batteries.

    Step 7: Check HDMI Port & Hub

    Sometimes, the main culprit for Fire Stick won’t turn on error is the HDMI port to which you are trying to connect your Fire Stick device.

    If there is an issue with it, then you may change the HDMI port on your TV.

    You can disconnect the HDMI Hub.

    Just disconnect the HDMI hub, if you found your Fire Stick won’t turn on.

    You can plug in directly to the tablet or your TV. You can also try to switch the HDMI port on your TV.

    But one thing you should remember that the HDMI port used for connecting the Fire Stick on your TV should be connected to the right input channel on your TV.

    Step 8: Check High Speed Cable

    If your Fire Stick won’t turn on then it can be due to the cables, for which it should be criticized. Your Amazon Fire TV may need long-speed cables like 1.3, 1.4 which are preferable for proper feedback.

    One-Stop Solution from Amazon Fire Stick Support team

    If you have tried everything to fix the issue of Fire Stick won’t turn on the problem and you do not find any suitable steps to fix it.

    Then you may seek help from the professional who has years of experience in the technical background and assist you to step by step to fix your problem of Fire Stick won’t turn on.

    We will help and guide you step by step and will help you in detecting the problem and fixing it. You can get in touch with the Fire Stick technicians who will help you in solving the problem and allow you to stream the video. You can contact us for more information.