How to Reset HP Printers

How to reset HP Printers

Hp printers are the top-rated and best printers in the market. You will get a wide variety of models in the HP that have exclusive features related to the printing and the scanning. It provides you the print of your important document in the high-quality. When it shows you some error it hampers your work and you feel like stop using this product. But don’t get so panic, it is very normal if you are experiencing an error. Many people report that they do not know how to reset the HP Printers. So keeping this thought in mind, we have discussed all the steps through which you can easily reset your HP printer.If you think, reset means just a factory reset and applying the default settings But before doing the factory reset you must try some other steps also. So, in this article, we have explained the methods that will help you in resetting the HP Printer.

Why you should factory reset in the Hp printers?

When you see any error on your Hp printer, you try to think that by resetting the settings of the printer all the problems will get resolved. There are many reasons why to do the factory reset:

  • When the settings of the router or the access point are changed
  • Also, when the router or the internet connection is changed
  • When you want to set up a new Hp Printer
  • Even, when the paper gets jam in the paper tray
  • Unable to connect to the Wi-Fi.

    What are the steps to reset the HP printers?

    We have written down the steps through which you can do a hard reset of the Hp printer and restore the factory default settings. The points are here:

    Hard reset

    • First, turn on your Hp Printer and then take all the cables out.
    • If your Hp printer is using the ink cartridge then you will need to remove it. And till the message of missing ink cartridge does not appear on the screen.
    • After it, take the power cords of the Hp Printer out and then you will have to wait for 4-5 minutes.
    • Now, you will have to attach the power cords back to the Hp Printer and wait till the HP Printers get turn on. You might need to press the power button if it is not turning on.

     Restore the factory default Settings

    If these steps also do not help you in fixing the problem you are left with no other option but to do the factory reset.

    • First, switch on the Hp Printer and then you need to go the menu by pressing the menu button from the Hp Printer
    • After it, with the arrow buttons navigate to the Preferences option on the screen and select it.
    • Here you will see the option of restore defaults, you have to press OK Button and this automatically restores the settings to the default.
    • Once the process gets complete, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

    Ask Hp printer support team for assistance

    On the whole, the above-mentioned steps will help you in how to reset the Hp Printers. But, if you still face trouble or you are stuck in these steps. Then you might need to take the help of the support team of the Hp Printers who are always ready to assist you when you are in trouble. It is always a good idea to take expert advice if you are not able to do the reset of the Hp printer.