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At 123Help, we deal with the different services through which you can easily manage your work. These are the services that areprovided by us. You can also avail of these services.

Our Experience

With our 10+ years of experience in providing all the services, we the team of 123Help are dealing with all electronic devices that are used nowadays by the people. We give you the expertise to optimize the edge solutions to run your business in a more productive way. We at, 123Help prevent the investment of the devices that run your business by improving the performance and improve the outcomes of the business.

Our Support & Services

We are one of the best companies that are providing the top-rated services that are trusted by everyone who reaches and they stay in touch for the services in the future. We have millions of our clients who are happy with our services. Want to know what are the services that are provided by us. Then you need to stay in touch with us.

  • Printer support
  • Streaming Devices
  • Anti-Virus Support

    Printer Help

    Printers are frequently used by numerous people for each personal and corporate further to professional functions. Particularly in regards to rigorous utilization for the majority and normal printing in institutions, it desires that the printer to be preserved and cared for efficiently, so the team of gadgetsick can work with no compromise over quality or fee effectiveness. Whenever you need aid for your printer you may constantly approach us.

    Facing problems in printer installation? Our experts are right here to offer you immediate help. You’ll experience the first-rate of our support.

    1. Printer Support
    2. Setup and Configuration
    3. Troubleshooting
    4. Diagnose WI-FI Network
    5. Add Printer to Network 

    Anti Virus Help

    The Internet is probably a dirty place. Your PC might have viruses, spyware, or malware! We offer low price Internet Security to provide more secure surfing revel in for you. If your Antivirus is creating issues, again and again, you then want a dependable Antivirus Support. Our offerings are to be had for standard & deadly troubles.


    1. Configuring the Antivirus
    2. Virus Removal
    3. Setting up Antivirus
    4. Scanning and cleaning virus, malware and spyware from PC
    5. Upgrade safety software program
    6. Fix sluggish computer trouble
    7. Issues whilst putting in and uninstalling the antivirus
    8. Product key mistakes
    9. Issues associated with configuration settings


    Our customer support team is available 24/7 and will solve all your antivirus related issues as early as possible. Our team will support you through emails, live chat, phone, FAQs, and tutorials. We will provide you with any information regarding antivirus support for Mac as well as Windows 10.


    Streaming Devices

    No doubt, the streaming devices have changed the way fo living. Nowadays everyone is getting the right device that can stream all the video content. Want to enjoy the services of our for your streaming devices. You can watch all your favorite content on your devices by activating it. But sometimes, during the setup users face some glitches that are possible for them to solve, so they seek online help like us.

    Problems related to streaming devices that are solved by our support team:

    • Activation issue
    • The screen of the streaming device freezes
    • Not connect with the Wi-Fi
    • Not turning On and much more.

    Send Your Query or call our toll-free number for concerned problems

    Well, there is a toll-free that is provided by us to everyone whenever our customer is dealing with any issue they just call us and get our cost-effective service.

    You can dial +1(925) 488-3550 to contact us at once with our support help. After calling them you may inform them about the problems you are facing. They will give you the maximum possible way to eliminate the issues. Our service team stays lively 24 hours and 7 days, and there is no best time to call them, you could contact us every time and they may assist you in solving the troubles. 

    • They have a toll-free number +1(925) 488-3550
    • You can call them 24*7
    • Our team also works on holidays and weekends
    • No fake calls, professional support representatives will take your calls
    • You can live chat with them
    • You can email us on our support id.